Q: What is the Providence Chamber PAC?

It is a political action committee sponsored by the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce that provides targeted financial support for members of the General Assembly and prospective legislative candidates who support our point of view on legislation impacting small business and economic development in Rhode Island.


Q: What is its purpose?

To fund activities that will help to create a favorable business climate in Rhode Island.


Q: Why is it necessary?

Because we see a huge influx of out-of-state money being spent on legislative races in Rhode Island to advance ideas that we believe are extreme, unreasonable, out-of-balance and just plain harmful to small business.


Q: Why should I care?

The actions of legislators dictate how much you pay in taxes and how you are able to function as a business professional. It is irresponsible to vote for societal change without understanding the repercussions and who's going to pay the bill. We all want a healthy and balanced economy and the ability to keep our professional workforce competitive without the government's overreach. 


Q: What are the limitations on giving to the PAC?

Personal contributions only; no corporate monies allowed. State employees may not contribute.


Q: How much can I give to the PAC?

Donations of up to $1000 per year are permitted by state law.


Q: What are the reporting requirements?

You must provide your name, address, occupation and place of employment, per state law.


Q: Does the PAC have to report its donor list?

Yes, state law requires the listing of donors who have contributed $100 or more to the PAC.


Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks made payable to Providence Chamber PAC and credit cards.