Ideas that you can personalize locally:

  • Refresh your recollection on who's your local senator and representative and examine their voting record on business issues

  • Share this website and our related social media platforms with your friends and neighbors and explain why you think it is important

  • Host your own fundraiser for pro-business candidates in the district

  • Invite legislators to tour your workplace to demonstrate small business in action

  • Subscribe to your local news outlets and post comments and letters

  • Run for public office yourself

  • Become a subject matter expert on jobs and economic development in your hometown

  • Get fully familiar with the pros and cons of all the legislative issues impacting business

  • Make phone calls hand write letters to your legislators expressing your point of view

  • Be a local influencer

  • Share your observations with neighbors and colleagues

  • Join the Greater Providence Chamber of Commerce or your favorite business trade association and receive alerts

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